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Friday, January 2, 2009

Homeowners are obviously idiots.

Foreman: Guys, I have a great idea!
Crew: Please, please teach us the concrete mystery.
Foreman: Since we took too long for lunch let's "water bomb" the surface to make it more pliable. The owners of the house will never know the difference.
Crew: What a great idea! It's those great ideas that made you foreman of this crew.
Foreman: Yeah, whatever. I'm already late for happy hour.

Guess what happened after the first major freeze? My driveway is popping up. The exact thing happened when I bought my house in Lexington. What was the result? It was poured again. I'm also thinking the concrete crew didn't allow the bleed water to evaporate before finishing the surface. That could be another reason for the popping.

It's great to brag you built a house in 9 weeks until the quality turns to crap. Good times.

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Annalee said...

Oh man, that is a bummer. We want to come to your house, will you please invite us. I don't know how else to say it without inviting ourselves. haha! Hope you guys are doing well.